Over the last 3 years we focused on deploying the platform over the world, understanding locally the need of physicians to be able to provide the best content for them. 
In 2015, Univadis' footprint close to be worldwide, we were able to be back on the innovation track, learn from our product, realigning the strategy with the new Univadis carefully enabling the monetization path. 
A new version is born, currently deployed in the US, UK and France.
Our user centric methodology is a virtuous circle of ideation, prototyping, building & deploying and most important, measure the results and impact of our designs.

Univadis release board

Case Study: Univadis quiz evolution
From Local...
The quiz product started as a local initiative. We supported it with editorial guidelines. While being skeptical at launch, the product received an excellent traction and feedback.

First version of the Univadis quiz, aka Train the Brain, on the old Univadis platform
...To global
We then decided to deployed this product in the 90+ countries, quiz becoming a serious trafic driver we understood that physicians kept their challenging mindset acquired during their studies.
Quiz deployed on the old version of Univadis, on many countries
Evolving the product
When came the question about evolving the product, migrating it to the new Univadis, we decided to go mobile first. Learning from the first version of the quiz, users behavior, our own mistakes, we designed a evolution of it. 
This new version aimed to be more challenging, immersive and "fun" as a physician level!
Prototype - native mobile experience
Flow - web experience
Now offering it to Altus Health' clients
With the monetization turn Univadis took, the quiz product, by it's excellent engagement performance, appeared as a perfect candidate for Aptus 'clients to share an educational message in a gamified environment, where thousands of physicians already compete with their peers on a day to day basis.