Users connected to the intranet move about in the shape of three different varieties of fish attributed to three different types of users : the students as Butterflyfish, the professors and coordinators as Clownfish and the Managing Director of the school as a Henochius fish.
The environment (setting and flora) is dynamically generated according to daily stats such as the number of users visiting the website of the school, the bandwidth used and the incoming and outgoing e-mails.
The fish behave in a randomly autonomous way. Doted with a text input zone, the online version enables users to send commands to have their avatar within the aquarium performing such or such action : speed_my_fish, kill_my_fish, my_fish_alive, feed_my_fish.
Thanks to a management-console-like interface users are free to modify their personal data (e-mail, website Url) and to customize the default texture of their fish (image in bitmap format).
The dataquarium is included in a research project called « datatainment » lead by Gregoire Cliquet, and has been presented to the « Carrefour des Possibles‘ (FING) in 2008.
Project made in collaboration with Diane Faidy and Gregoire Cliquet.