– Hi, my name is Julien Dumail and I'm working as Director of Product Design and User Experience at Aptus Health
My day to day work is leading a team of talented designers, crafting the experience of Univadis, the leading platform for healthcare professionals.
In a past life, I designed user interfaces, graphical or not, for the connected home. I focused my efforts trying to enhance user experience of product as Set-Top-Boxes, Gateways, Modems.
I love considering myself as an industrial designer dealing with contraints, solving problems, and use my technical background to purpose realistic solutions and lovable products.
During my studies at l'École de Design & the International Design school for Advanced Studies I developed my interest for typography, user experience, and quick and dirty ActionScript coding ! Moreover, it gave me a good understanding of design process, tools and management.
Because I am a creative, I keep an eye on trends, new technologies and arts to satisfy my inspiration. Nevertheless I strive to be analytical or critical while being enthusiast.
I am interested in human interface devices, natural user interface, user experience and data visualization and my skills set allows me to be efficient in ideation, 2D and 3D prototyping, information architecture, ergonomics, graphic design, animation and be a great partner in a multidisciplinary team.
Feel free to drop me a line or grab my CV.
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